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Top 10 Earthquakes that Cracked the World

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Offentliggjort på 16 Sep 2020 / In Geografi

Top 10 BIGGEST Earthquake Cracks (don't live here)

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Earthquakes rarely come with any warning. They are sudden, scary, and sometimes
powerful enough to cause the ground to actually split apart. Here is a top ten list of
Earthquakes that Cracked the World.

Number 10. The Great Chilean Earthquake

The Great Chilean Earthquake, is the most powerful earthquake ever recorded. The
earth opened up when it struck Vadivia, Chile, in the afternoon of May 22, 1960.
After many studies, it has been determined that the greatest earthquake ever measured
was an incredible 9.5 in magnitude. Not only was it utterly massive in its power, the
earthquake lasted for an incredible 10 minutes!

It was so powerful it set off a series of local tsunamis with waves up to 82 ft that
battered the southern Chilean coast. But that was just the beginning, the intense and
powerful movement of the earth’s crust sent tidal waves out and acorss the Pacific
ocean. Tsunamis up to 35 ft devastated Hawaii, while other massive waves reaches as
far as Japan, China, Australia, New Zealand and the Philippines. It is estimated that
5,700 people died from the quake.

Number 9. Ghorka Quake

A magnitude 7.8 earthquake
slammed Nepal on April 25, 2015.

toppled over multistory buildings,
in Kathmandu, and caused land
slides in the Himalayas. Sadly,
almost 9000 people died in the
quake and over 20,000 were
injured. It was the worst natural
disaster to strike Nepal, since the 1934 Nepal-Bihar earthquake. It caused an avalanche
on Mount Everest that killed 21 people. It was the deadliest day on the mountain in
history. Aftershocks continued, every 15-20 minutes for days after the initial quake. The
most severe aftershock occurred on May 12, when a 7.3 quake rattled the region near
the Chinese border, killing more than 200 people and leaving thousands more injured.

The earthquake was so strong it caused a shift in the earth of ten feet in just 30
seconds. And a big piece of earth. A block measuring 120 miles long and 40 miles wide
was shifted ten feet, causing massive seismic cracks and this led to a road opening up
in Kathmandu. The massive quake caused road closures, trapping many in rural areas
form receiving assistance. Sadly, over 4000 people lost their lives.

Number 8. Highway Collapse

The presence of a gigantic crack in Kenya has many scientists worried that someday
the continent of Africa will split apart.

The crack measures some 50 feet deep and 60 feet across. It mostly passes through
open, uninhabited land. However it did run into a highway in Nairobi, causing the
highway to eventually collapse.

This great rupture was a likely after effect of the drifting of the planet’s surface plates.
Kenya sits atop the Somali plate and the Nubian plate. These two plates are in constant
motion, leading scientists to believe that someday, more cracks will appear and the

Number 7. Mexican Desert Earthquake?

In the northern Mexican desert a mysterious half-mile long crack appeared. This
massive crack in the world is as deep as 25 feet in some places. Although the Sonora
region is not known for seismic activity, the appearance of the gash in the middle of the
desert immediately inspired the imagination of reporters and locals alike, who
determined it must have been caused by an earthquake. But no one felt anything in the
nearby town. This theory seemed a bit shaky, as earthquakes in Southern Mexico are
often felt as far as 700 miles away. Surely an earthquake strong enough to make this
crack would have rattled a few nerves as well. The more likely explanation came from
the chair of the Department of Geology of the University of Sonora, Inocente Guadalupe
Espinoza Maldonado. The professor said that the massive fissure was probably cause
by the sucking out of ground water for irrigation in the region. He went on to say that
these features are completely normal manifestations in the ground which occur under
such circumstances. Yeah, sort of like how giant cracks in the earth are totally normal
manifestations that occur after an earthquake.
What do you think? Do you think it could have been caused by an
earthquake? Be sure to leave your comments below.

Number 6. July 4, Mojave Quake

Southern California is no stranger to earthquakes. Due to the proximity of the San
Andreas fault, California is under constant motion and, constant threat of a major
earthquake. Every once in a while, the movement of the plates is strong enough to
cause the ground to shift up and down, leaving a seismic gash.
One of of the most talked about is the Ridgecrest Crack in the Mojave Desert.
On July 4, 2019, a 6.4 magnitude quake struck near Ridgecrest, California. It was the
biggest in the area in decades. It caused the ground to split wide open.

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