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Giant EARTHQUAKE Destroys our HOUSE !!!

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Offentliggjort på 16 Sep 2020 / In Geografi

Look out above! A huge earthquake rocks Addy and Maya's house while their mom, Lucy, is outside washing the family car. There's tons of damage and the doors are stuck closed so she can't get inside. The silly kids are left to themselves to seek shelter and go on a toy scavenger hunt throughout the home. Will Lucy ever be able to get back inside? You'll have to watch to find out!

Music credits:
Paradise Alley by Daniel Key
Full Strength by Rhythm Scott
Our Last Stand by Hill
Outside In by Sounds Like Sander
Our Imperfect Place by Strength to Last
Christopher Walked by Falls
Cape Cod Beach House by PALA
How Do I Say This by Neon Beach
Bounce by BRASKO
Action Drums by Rhythm Scott
Outta My Mind by Soul Shifters
Who's Next by Avocado Junkie
Endless by Noah Smith
Good Weather by SOLO
Breaking and Entering by Rhythm Scott
Party Kids by Bellodrone
Good Vibes by Fairlight
New Girl by Noah Smith
Cookin' by Famous Cats
Because of You by SOLO

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