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Hi! Today I painted muscles and bones for you. Ths look is although might take some time - is very easy to do. I was a bit carried away on the way, so enjoy! ;)

Did you watch to the end? :)
This video was made for: https://www.youtube.com/channe....l/UCvLxWYiblZV30eN35
Check out their channel for more simmilar videos

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Products Used from Halloweenmakeup.com:

Lenses: Zombie
To get 10% discount. Voucher code: ulianka
Website: https://www.pastel-dreams.com/

For brows:
Mehron SynWax Molding Wax
Kryolan TL 9 Translucent Powder
Mehron Putty Modelling Stainless Steel Spatula

TAG 6 Color Skin Tone Face Paint Palette
Cameleon Baseline Face Paint - Blood Red
Mehron Black Paradise Face Paint
FAB Chocolate Brown Makeup 024
Superstar Face And Body Paint - Bright Orange 033

Mehron Mark Reid Signature Round Brush - #2 (1/16")
Global Brushes - Round #4 (1/8")
Flat brush 3/4
Rake brush size 10
Liner brush

Ben Nye Thick Blood


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Music used: Ghost by Tim Beek
Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0


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